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We understand that a key frustration for tilers is spending too much time behind a desk and not enough time on the actual job. Paperwork, costings, accounting – all of these can soak up valuable hours for those in the industry.

Which is why we developed the Buildxact roof tiling job management software, which slashes hours off your administration work and delivers you instant, accurate job costings through easy-to-navigate roof tiling quoting software.

If you’d like to rehaul your processes, you can currently access our roof tiling building estimator for free over 14 days.

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With our solution, we eliminate the need to upgrade your IT systems or improve your server and cloud storage solutions. We’ve designed our roof tiling building estimator to be solely online, allowing you to access it whenever, wherever.

All you need is a device with internet access to instantly connect to the raft of features that will cut down your paperwork time. The only overhead is a low monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Experience a suite of features on our estimating software for roof tilers

There’s plenty of advantages our tool equips your business with, including:

Takeoffs: Quick, flexible online takeoffs generated in just a handful of clicks.

Job costings: Instantly populate a checklist with accurate figures for materials and labour. We include a built-in list of figures, but you can also easily import your own from your suppliers and contractors.

Quotes: Impress clients with detailed, itemised and professional quotes built from the data in just a few click. They will even include your company branding.

Scheduling: Map out your roof tiling job with our software including automated SMS and email reminders for subcontractors.

Cost tracking and purchasing: Monitor your projects  in real time using a simple dashboard that will alert you if the project is going over budget – all through our job management software for roof tilers.

Invoicing: Generate accurate and professional invoices using the data from the roof tiling building estimator.

Accounting: Make your financing easier, as our software will plug into your existing Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks applications to allow you to easily track your finances. We can also help you manage your staff,, with timesheet options based on budgets from the figures generated.

If you’d like to find out more about how to access your free trial of our roof tiling estimating software, get in touch with our friendly team. We also provide solutions towards carpentry, renovation jobs, flooring, home building, pergolas, plastering, landscaping, decking, roads and more.

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