Business made simple with estimating software for landscapers

Trade-related projects can easily run over budget, causing headaches for small businesses.

With our landscaping job management software, you can eliminate budget concerns around providing accurate, detailed and instant costings for your jobs.

This platform is packed full of features for an end-to-end solution as well, including quoting, invoicing and accountancy to streamline your business and allow you to spend more time on the job site, less time stuck at a desk.

If you’d like to redefine your business’s approach, you can trial our landscaping estimating software for free now.

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Our tool’s features are all housed online so there is no need for expensive IT upgrades including hardware and server or cloud storage.

All you need is a device connected to the internet, allowing you to manage your jobs and costings on the road and on the job site. Besides this, the only overhead is the small monthly or annual subscription fee – we take care of the rest.

Key features of our landscaping building estimator

Takeoffs: You can take care of online takeoffs in just a few clicks, allowing you to measure and price jobs in one step. The features on our landscaping job management software are flexible as well, allowing you to do takeoffs in lineal, square or cubic metres.

Job costings: Instantly populate a job costings checklist with prices built-in to the landscaping building estimator or with the figures from your own suppliers and contractors which you an input easily.

Quotes: Generate professional quotes for jobs across carpentry, flooring, home building, pergolas, plastering, renovation jobs, decking, roof tiling, roads and more – all in just a few clicks. All documentation is also equipped with your company’s branding.

Scheduling: Map out the project using the landscaping quoting software, including SMS and email notifications for subcontractors.

Cost tracking and purchasing: Monitor the progress of your job and view how any variable will impact the budget in real time.

Invoicing: Generate professional invoices in just minutes using our software.

Accounting: Our tool integrates straight into your Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks to you can manage your finances. If you have staff, you can also use the platform to create timesheets based on your specific budget and finances.

No more double handling: An end to spreadsheets means less double handling and less risk of human error.

If you’d like to get started on your trial of Buildxact’s landscaper estimating software, get in touch now. We can help provide you with a solution that meets your business’s individual budget, needs and demands.

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