Enjoy high-quality quoting and estimating software for home builders

There is already plenty of time pressure on builders to get home projects completed with tight deadlines for their clients. On top of that, paperwork can make it difficult to meet those deadlines – which is why Buildxact has developed home builder management software to tackle the process.

Our home building estimator is a digital pocket tool that can take care of all of the figures in your project – from the initial costings and quotes through to invoicing and accounting.

Best of all, we’ve made it available for you to try for free as part of our 14-day trial, enabling you to see for yourself the time it will save you on each home building project you undertake.

A home building estimator does all the number crunching for you

You won’t need expensive new hardware, bulky servers or cloud accounts to manage with Buildxact – our job management software for home builders designed to do all the hard work from the palm of your demand.

We monitor all of the back-of-house elements allowing you to simply plug in your data and quickly and easily generate estimates, costings, invoices, quotes and much more – all while on-the-go.

Access a suite of features through our home builder estimating software

Our home building quoting software provides an end-to-end solution to help you spend more time on the job site and less hours behind the desk bogged down by paperwork. It plugs into your existing data and integrations to provide accurate, detailed and professional results every time.

Enjoy key features such as:

Takeoffs: Quick, flexible online takeoffs generated in just a handful of clicks.

Job costings: Our job management software for home builders lets you generate rapid checklists of costings, using our built-in price lists or by inputting your own contractor/supplier pricing directly from a spreadsheet.

Quotes: With the estimations and costings data in hand, you can generate professional quotes with your company logo within minutes.

Scheduling: Your estimates can be used to generate schedules which can be tracked throughout the progress of the build, with built-in SMS and email reminders for subcontractors to help streamline the process.

Cost tracking and purchasing: Monitor in real-time if you are behind, ahead or bang on budget with our home building estimating software’s clean and simple dashboards.

Invoicing: Gain data on hand and generate accurate and professional invoices ready to present to your clients and subcontractors.

Accounting: Make your financing process easier, as our home building estimator plugs into your existing Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks applications. We can also help you manage your staff, with timesheet options based on budgets from the figures generated.

No more double-handling: This home builder estimating software serves as an end to spreadsheets and double-handling, with every measurement and price costed in one easy step – be it for carpentry, flooring, landscaping, pergolas, plastering, renovation jobs, decking, roof tiling, roads and more.

Find out more by getting in touch, or to start your free 14-day trial today.


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